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As a widely experienced Registered Nutritional Therapist, I am offering you science based and caring nutrition and lifestyle advice to achieve your health goals. My professional practice is based on my Knowledge, Expertise and Empathetic Therapeutic Relationships and on your Motivation.

I carry out detailed and personalised investigations of possible root causes of your condition rather than addressing the symptoms. Together, we agree a restorative programme that is supported by my commitment to continuity of patient care until you achieve your goals.

I have successfully applied the restorative effects of targeted personalised nutrition to a broad spectrum of symptoms and conditions ranging from female health, skin issues, eating disorders to supporting patients with chronic diseases. My clinics now specialise in digestive health, weight loss surgery patients support, weight loss, metabolic syndrome and body composition testing and analysis.

Natalie R Gillan PhD

Bariatric Nutrition

Avoid Nutritional Deficiencies
Individual and Procedure-related advice
Manage your body weight: take it off and keep it off


Metabolic Syndrome

Manage the cluster of conditions:
⊕ High cholesterol
⊕ High blood sugar
⊕ High blood pressure
Lose excess weight


Digestive Health

Resolve symptoms including:
⊕ Bloating
⊕ Heartburn
⊕ Constipation or diarrhoea
⊕ Abdominal pain… and more
Low FODMAP diet


Body Composition Testing

Lose fat & increase muscle
Are you ageing well… or prematurely?
Personalised programmes on demand
Medical grade equipment reads your body makeup


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