About Bariatric Nutrition


 How we can help

At my Bariatric Nutrition Clinic, I provide individual nutrition support and patient care, taking into consideration all the factors contributing to your excess body weight.

Excess weight may be caused by dietary, psychological, physiological and lifestyle reasons, and the combination of reasons affecting you would be as unique as your fingerprints.

Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) can be an effective step in the fight to lose weight, but sustained fat loss and improvement of health after your bariatric surgery both strongly depend on nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

This is where NRG Nutritional Energy can really help you to win the battle of the bulge!


“Many patients presenting for bariatric surgery have pre-existing vitamin deficiencies..”  Guidance to GPs by British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS), 2014

Consider the following

Some of your Bariatric Implant Devices will be removed after 6 to 12 months:

  • The clock is ticking…you have only that much time to fully embrace your new nutritional lifestyle to optimize your chances for sustained weight loss.
  • We will create for you a bespoke nutritional programme  and guide you through its implementation based on your personal needs: from vitamins to meal plans and into the kitchen (link to recipes) based on the type of surgery you had.

“..all bariatric surgical procedures compromise nutrition to varying extents, and have the potential to cause clinically significant micronutrient deficiencies.” Guidance to GPs by British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS), 2014

Most weight loss surgery clinics end their patient aftercare support after a maximum of 2 years:

  • We will stay with you, providing essential continuity of care, until you have reached your health goals.
  • Our patient care programme includes the use of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology as developed by NASA for astronauts.

“Bariatric surgery is now an essential option for the treatment of obesity and its associated comorbidity.”

 Weight Loss Surgery restricts absorption of different types of nutrients, often leading to potentially harmful nutritional deficiencies and consequent chronic illness

  • We provide a complete dietary plan and comprehensive testing programme focussed on early detection and mitigation to minimize unwanted side effects.
  • I utilise the resources of a select number of world-class medical and industry-leading diagnostic laboratories.

“..long term nutritional monitoring and follow-up are essential components of all bariatric surgical services.” Guidance to GPs by British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS), 2014

Overseas Weight Loss Surgery Patients Support

  • If you have been operated on abroad, you probably did not receive any follow-up care back at home. As bariatric surgery has been considered a ‘cosmetic’ surgery in the recent past, some GPs still have limited knowledge of the follow-up care and medical testing that is now considered essential.
  • Successful long-term outcomes of weight loss surgery depend on your commitment to a new nutrition and lifestyle regime.
  • Weight loss surgery causes micronutrient deficiency. We provide patients with nutritional monitoring and clear recommendations based on the new guidelines for bariatric patients to support your decision in making both Pre-Operation and Post-Operation choices.