Body Composition Testing with Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Your Body Composition Test analysis provides you with definitive answers to the following:

  • Do I carry unwanted fat even though I am not overweight?
  • How do I lose excess fat and increase muscle?
  • Is the excess weight caused by retention of body fluids?
  • Does the amount of my muscle impact my training and weight loss?
  • How can I improve my fitness levels?
  • How can I slow down the effects of ageing process?
  • How can I monitor changes following a bariatric procedure?
  • What exactly am I made of?

My analysis of your Body Composition Test Results, combined with a bespoke Therapeutic Nutrition & Lifestyle FirstLine Therapy Programme®, has the power to prevent, manage and even reverse chronic disease.

What is Your Body Composition?

Your Body Composition can be divided into two components:

  • Body fat: all stored fat in the body both visceral and subcutaneous.
  • Lean body mass: includes everything in your body except fat: muscles, bones, organs and other tissues, fluids like blood and water.

Lean body mass or fat free mass contains a critical component – muscles: it is your metabolically active tissue that burns calories.

How is Body Composition Assessed?

I will measure your Body Composition in the clinic, by using Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA). The equipment has been medically certified and was developed by NASA to determine the wellbeing of astronauts.

The testing is quick, non-invasive and pain-free. An analytical report of the findings will be ready immediately.

Your bespoke Health Optimisation Programme is discussed during the same visit.


BIA testing accurately measures:

  • Body fat mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Precise BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Your essential calorific daily needs (Basal Metabolic Rate: BMR)
  • Body fluids distribution
  • Total body hydration
  • Index of Overall Health is then calculated from the above data.

“You may be over-fat… even if you are not overweight”

Effects of Body Composition on Your Health

While a certain amount of body fat is necessary for a normally functioning body, excess fat in relation to lean body mass (a condition called altered body composition) can greatly increase your health risks of metabolic syndrome, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more conditions.

Low muscle mass causes weight gain and/or the inability to lose weight, accelerated ageing, issues with immune system and poor wound healing. Muscle is the body’s biologically active tissue and needs a far greater amount of caloric fuel than fat. More muscle – more energy you burn.

Get tested now – and receive a bespoke Health Optimisation Programme.


“You might have low muscle mass, which slows down your weight loss and hinders the training”

Body Composition and Fitness Training

Whether you are intensively training on a regular basis or do casual sessions, BIA Body Composition Testing is an essential tool in measuring your progress and level of performance.

BIA technology is a popular performance tool with athletes and active individuals to manage, monitor and optimise training load, recovery speed, fat loss and muscle gain and to meet performance goals.


“Bio-Impedance body composition equipment is licensed as a medical device and is scientifically validated

Healthy Ageing

Improving your body composition will reduce the risk of common chronic diseases associated with ageing.

Muscle mass and strength are the top indicators of healthy ageing. Losing fat and building muscle is the key to rejuvenation.

Get tested now – and receive a bespoke Health Optimisation Programme.


Body Composition Analysis combined with a personalised Therapeutic Programme has been shown to be remarkably successful in helping individuals like you to return to a path of extended health”