Our Health Tests

Common tests – and the reasons for them

Comprehensive stool analysis

Gut problems are a root cause of many health issues
Many digestive disorders result from modern lifestyle

Adrenal stress index

Constant psychological stress may cause hormonal imbalance, poor immunity, digestive complaints and cardiovascular problems

Allergy and intolerance profiles

Food or inhalant allergies or intolerance may be at the core of many health complaints

Female hormone panels

Pre-menstrual syndrome, puberty issues, female organs, skin, sex drive, fertility and more are affected by female hormones


Menopause associated symptoms can be addressed knowing the existing hormone count

Male health

Low vitality, sexual energy, ageing, prostate, andropause

Liver tests

If toxins are not cleared and nutrients are not properly converted by the liver, many health issues may occur

Things you should know…

You may be advised to have diagnostic tests. These are often helpful to the therapist in identifying the root cause of a health problem. Test results are considered only as an indicator of body processes and not as a diagnosis.

We maintain a close affiliation with world-class and industry leading diagnostic laboratories in England, Europe and North America.

Various types of samples may be used for different diagnostic tests, depending on the condition.

For starters, you should try to arrange a diagnostic test through your GP. If time is important and/or tests are unavailable through the NHS, we will assist you and/or your GP by making all arrangements with carefully selected laboratories.

When your results are returned to us, they are very carefully anaysed, in the context of your full clinical profile. The results are clearly explained in jargon-free, plain English and integrated into your follow-up programme with us.

A Word of Caution...

You may have seen advertisements for testing techniques or methods for identifying all health problems. Many of these operators use procedures which have not been scientifically tested or proven to work nor accepted by any regulatory agency. Others use unreliable methods, claim results without evidence and are not acting according to any health industry good practice guidelines.

Results of mail order laboratory testing services and the like may not be accepted or useable by registered practitioners and medical doctors.

It is truly a BUYER BEWARE jungle that is best avoided!

Food allergy and food intolerance is a critical area where an unreliable testing method or incorrect interpretation of results may actually cause health problems rather than offer relief.

At best, you might simply be wasting your money and time with these so called quick fix or computerised health diagnosis programmes.

Please note that we use only industry leaders in the field of diagnostic laboratories, including the following labs:Labs