Complex Interrelated Issues

Openquote1I am an energetic, glowingly healthy slim 38 year old woman…but this was not always the case. Before I met Natalie Gillan I was a fatigued, tired looking, moody mum who relied on sugary snacks and caffeine to get me through the afternoon. I often needed to nap with my daughter everyday.

I suffered from sleeping problems (despite my daughter sleeping through the night) and had skin irritation since I was 14 years old and about every 6 weeks I was getting ill with “food poisoning-like” symptoms for about 24 hours.

Frustratingly, my diet was actually quite good which made me realise that I couldn’t solve these problems by myself. I had tried various diets and cleanse programmes to get my energy levels up but nothing seemed to be working.

My objective when I first saw Natalie was to increase my energy levels and just to feel “well” again.

My case was quite challenging as all the problems I’ve mentioned were actually linked and for Natalie it was a case of finding where best to start!

In an inter-related case like mine, Natalie’s approach is perfect as she decided to tackle things in stages so that we could measure progress, as tackling all of the problems at once would not have worked. As my issues were mainly related the hormone system of the body, there has to be a place to start, which is why you need someone like Natalie to unravel the problem. In addition to nutrition and lifestyle advice, Natalie added some nutraceuticals. In my case this really sped up the progress I was to make.

We started with stabilising my blood sugar with a low Glycaemic Load diet and eating at certain times of day; which has become my daily routine. I felt the difference within days in a reduction in sugar cravings and an increase in energy levels.

Over the next few months we tackled my female hormone levels which my husband in particular has felt the benefit of….no more irritable wife! We boosted liver function, which is the powerhouse of your body.

I then chose to investigate food intolerances with Natalie’s help, which is where things got particularly interesting. I was found to be intolerant to some foods and within 4 weeks of giving up these foods my skin irritation of 24 years has almost completely gone. I was amazed and thrilled as this was side effect of what I was doing as I never sought nutritional therapy for my skin irritation. I’m now working through a programme of re-introducing theses foods with Natalie’s guidance to see if I can tolerate them again.

The changes I’ve made have also had an impact on my family, as they are by default healthier.
I am constantly asked what skincare products I use, as my skin glows and I sometimes don’t even wear make up anymore.
I’m also a stone lighter, which was the baby weight I couldn’t shift. I’m also running, swimming and going to the gym again, which would never have been possible before I met Closequote1Natalie.

Claire S.

Weight Management

Openquote1When my daughter (M) came to see you in November she was very overweight. Her thyroid gland test results performed by the NHS showed that there were no abnormal levels, but when you ordered a different set of tests it was found out that she had high levels of antibodies attacking the thyroid. You prescribed a special regime and a diet low in processed carbohydrates.

Your research into the root cause of M’s health issues, your psychology used with M and your understanding of M’s sensitivity, has helped her tremendously: for the first time in her life M has lost 16 kg in weight and happily continues with her diet since November 2014.

She has more confidence now and has joint exercise classes, which helps her to reduce weight even further.

Thanks to your persistence in keeping in touch with M. It has helped her incredibly. Closequote1Thank you again.

P. P. (Mum)

Openquote1The diet is going really well, thank you so much. I feel great and am going to continue on with the diet as I have lost 16 kg. Started exercising again, thank you Closequote1again so much.

M. P.

Weight Loss Surgery: Patient Care

Openquote1I am seriously impressed. This is the first time in my life that somebody understood my issue about weight straight away and I can already see results! Thank you Closequote1sooooooo much!

Paola T.

Weight Loss Surgery: Patient Care

Openquote1Without Dr Gillan’s great support and consultation, the
intra-gastric balloon would have been an unutilized tool and it would have not resulted in the dramatic weight loss Closequote1that I have experienced.

Rick P.