Our terms and conditions


All consultations are conducted in professional health clinics or hospitals on a one-to-one basis. Consultations are strictly confidential.

Medical Diagnosis and Medication

  • You are advised to consult an NHS recognised medical practitioner to obtain a diagnosis for your symptoms. You are encouraged to remain in contact with your medical practitioner whilst receiving Nutritional Therapy.
  • Discuss any lifestyle and dietary advice with your medical practitioner. I routinely communicate with your medical team as required.

Children and Mentally Compromised

Any patient under the age of 18 years or who is mentally compromised requires written consent from a parent or carer before receiving Nutritional Therapy. It is recommended that a parent or carer accompany the patient during the consultations.

Clinics and Professional Fees

Harley Street Area

North London


Body Comp Analysis and Programme

£ 150

Initial (60 min)

Follow UP (45 min)
£ 130

£ 130

Initial (60 min)

Follow UP (45 min)
£ 130


Initial (60 min)

Follow UP (45 min)
£ 59

£ 130

(60 min)

Body Composition
Analysis with
Report of Findings
(30 min)

Medical Clinic,
The Stone House,
9, Weymouth Street,

Highgate Private Hospital,
17-19 View Road,
N6 4DJ

K & T Osteopathic
15B, Walton Street,
KT20 7RW

All clinics

Cost of diagnostic tests and nutritional supplements is not included.

I practice evidence-based nutritional therapy patient care. The Professional Fees incorporate the time spent preparing and researching your case before we meet as well as follow up reporting, on-going research into your case history and correspondence and communication with your medical team as necessary.

Payment for consultations are due at the end of each appointment, unless arranged otherwise, and may be settled by cash or cheque. Bank transfers payments are due prior to the consultation. Please note that credit or debit cards are not currently accepted.


Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give at least 48 hours notice, otherwise a full consultation fee may be charged.


Whilst we make every effort to address your health concerns through the application of Nutritional Therapy, as with all medical practices, there can be no guarantee that the therapy will result in improved health.