Practice Locations

In your online appointment you will receive exactly the same level of care – the only difference will be that your appointment is via a secure online consulting room instead of a face-to-face consulting room.

Dr Gillan practices from three clinics, as detailed below, and offers the same services at each. 

* For the time being, all consultations will be carried out as online video consultations, only. Further details can be found here. *


Biolab Medical, Stone House,

9 Weymouth St, Marylebone,

London, W1W 6DB

£175 | 1 hr 

Initial and Second Consultation:

£145 | 50 min

Follow-Up Consultations:


Highgate Private Hospital,

17-19 View Rd, Highgate,

London, N6 4DJ

£175 | 1 hr

Initial and Second Consultation:

£145 | 50 min

Follow-Up Consultations:


​Wellfield Clinic,

7 The Globe Centre, Wellfield Rd

Cardiff, CF24 3PE

£90 | 1 hr

Initial and Second Consultation:

£60 | 50 min

Follow-Up Consultations:

What To Expect


Once you have been booked in for an appointment, you will be sent confidential and detailed health history, lifestyle and diet forms to fill in and to send back to us before your initial visit. 


During the consultation, we will discuss your health concerns, agree on a personalised nutritional therapy programme and define how you will achieve your targeted health goals. A variety of health tests are available to further personalise your nutritional therapy programme. 


These will involve in-depth focusing on your therapeutic regime to achieve your health objectives, integrating test results and monitoring your continual progress.

There are no pre-designed plans or general advice.

Covid-19: Immune System Support Consultation

In addition to my regular consultations, I will be holding specific immune system support consultations focused on matters relating to the current pandemic. 

WHY? Your immune system provides your body with defences against viruses and other infections. To achieve an optimum resilience against such diseases, you need to strengthen your immunity by staying well-nourished. This immune boosting diet should include the correct amount of immune supportive nutrients, often lacking in the modern diet.


Specific to your personal health history, I will discuss with you bespoke dietary, nutritional and lifestyle advice to provide you with the tools to support and improve your immunity.


Knowledge of your health history is essential in enabling me to give you personalised advice on supporting and improving your immune system. You will therefore be asked to fill out health forms prior to the consultation to provide the context for your bespoke immune support session, as laid out in the 'Pre-Consultation' section above. 

Immune Consultation Pricing

Immune System Support

- New Patients



Immune System Support

- Existing Patients


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