The lessons learned from the COVID-19 experience will shape the way the post-COVID generation defines its legacy, much as the Baby Boomers defined their post-war generation.

Hopefully, these lessons will include a fundamentally new relationship with our food and the nutrition we gain from it. 

There is a coalescence of agreement among the international organisations who are focused on promoting better health through nutrition and lifestyle. These include the World Health Organisation, the UN, the British Nutrition Foundation and now the NHS.


  • The most effective defence against a virus like COVID-19 is a strong immune system.

  • The best way to achieve a strong immune system is through effectively managed nutrition and lifestyle choices.

When the shadow of this current pandemic passes, we must avoid a return to the pre-COVID nutritional “norm” of processed foods, lack of whole foods, and excess sugar. 

We must define our new “norm” with full consideration of how nutrition affects our health and reevaluate our relationship with the food that sustains us. 

How I Can Help You

Nutritional therapy exists to aid people in living healthy lives, whether its through prophylactic support, establishing the root cause of a current condition or facilitating the return to good health following disease.


Your immune system equips your body with the vital defences it needs to fight viruses and other pathogens. To achieve an optimum resilience against such diseases, you need to strengthen your immunity by staying well-nourished. This immune boosting diet should include the correct amount of immune-supportive nutrients, often missing from the modern day diet.  

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