Natalie R Gillan 


Registered Nutritional Therapist

Functional Medicine Practitioner

BANT Accredited Professional Supervisor

Postgraduate Student Supervisor

NLP Master Practitioner

Personalised Therapy from a Leading Specialist

As a widely experienced registered nutritional therapist, I offer caring nutrition and lifestyle advice, enabling you to achieve your health goals through methods strictly rooted in science.

I pursue detailed and personalised investigations into possible root causes of conditions rather than focusing on exploration of symptoms alone. Together, we will agree on a restorative programme that is supported by my commitment to the continuity of patient care until you achieve your desired goals.

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Weight loss surgery care

Without Natalie's great support and consultation, the intra-gastric balloon would have been an un-utilised tool and it would not have resulted in the dramatic weight loss that I have experienced. 

— R.P, London

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