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Natalie R Gillan 


Registered Nutritional Therapist
Specialist Bariatric Nutritionist

Functional Medicine Practitioner
Professional Supervisor
Postgraduate Student Supervisor
NLP Master Practitioner

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Personalised nutritional therapy from an industry-leading specialist

As a widely experienced registered nutritional therapist, I offer nutrition and lifestyle advice, enabling you to achieve your health goals through methods strictly rooted in science.

I pursue detailed and personalised investigations into possible root causes of your health issues rather than focusing on symptoms alone. Together, we will agree on a restorative programme that is supported by my commitment to the continuity of patient care until you achieve your desired goals.

Areas Where I Can Help

Weight loss

Nutrition and lifestyle for patients with bariatric procedures

Eating disorders



Coeliac disease

Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis
Food intolerance and allergy
Loose stool or constipation

Male and female hormones


Lack of energy


Recent Client Comments


12 April 2023

I have had an excellent experience with the weight loss clinic. I got my tools for weight loss - a scale with body composition, a smart app to track my progress, diet plans and a gorgeous recipe book. My clinician Natalie is monitoring my progress through the app. On the programme, I also have a food journal where I log all my food. I can see what I am eating in calories, protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals; this really helps to clean up my diet. I have my blood test results with some things that may slow my weight loss. So great to know what is really happening in my body and my clinician Natalie works on all the issues to help me to lose weight. I am on the programme for 5 weeks and lost almost a stone!!! Natalie is very attentive and knowledgeable. I am asking too many questions and all are answered. She cleverly guided me towards the right foods for my body and mind - no hunger or hanger, no issue with cravings, no anxiety. Happy days! Highly recommend the programme and Natalie Gillan - she changed my life! Very very happy!


26 January 2023

I highly recommend Dr Natalie she's wonderful, she was very helpful during my Allurion balloon,
Without Dr Natalie nutrition advice and attention to my health issues I wouldn't be able to lose 13kg in 3 months, without exercising, because I have been unable, because of health issues, (not related to balloon) and yet because of her, nutrition advice around my diet has been very helpful, my health overall has improved, I suffer from IBS and by changing my bad eating habits I feel much healthier. If you follow Dr Natalie advice, you are on the right track, in the end you need to remember that there's only so much this wonderful nutritionist can do for you, it's down to you to keep it up. Willpower is very important always remember why did you start this journey, good luck everyone, and thank you so much Natalie it has been a pleasure to meeting you,

Rob McGregor

5 February 2024

Very grateful for Natalie's help and writing this because it's the least I can do in return and I hope I can help others by encouraging towards her rational and effective approach to a healthier lifestyle.

Brief background. Weight was creeping up year on year. Any misguided 'diet' attempted before bucked the trend short term though made no good difference long term. Reaching age where body less forgiving and starting to see some negative health indicators. Wanted to feel lighter, have more high energy and set better example at approaching life for my children.

I was introduced to Natalie via a medical programme, but aborted the 'medical' part of it within 3 days so that all I had left was Natalie, who adapted and provided an approach weight loss that turned out to suit me very well. In hindsight - very pleased to have achieved everything naturally.

Was introduced to a new way to approach food. I thought losing weight involved hunger and suffering. Instead I finally felt full every day, with no medical prop. I thought to lose weight involved restriction though, with what I did, found for everything I stopped or cut back on, there was new things I could add and explore. Like I was more stuck and restricted before I started this. I could keep going - basically what seemed impossible or daunting was possible and rewarding.

In my case lost over 35kg (5 and a half stone) in 7 months and am now of healthy weight. Best of all I like what I eat and do and am not tempted by what I used to eat and do - in fact the thought of 'going back' is quite offputting. Very confident that I have achieved a permanent change, now 9 months later (and 2 months since our final session). I went way beyond my original goals.

In my case - appreciating it can be different for others - I also like how the catch up sessions were rougly once a month. The knowledge and guidance gained in those times was very valuable, and inbetween there was lots of time to try things and self-learn and achieve goals independently.

I have probably written enough! Once again a big thank you and I hope my recommendation can help others find their feet. I mean that figuratively, though in my case it is worth adding that it is great to be able to easily see and reach my feet again too!


21 December 2022

I want to feedback how absolutely amazing Dr Natalie Gillan has been. It’s made such a difference for me having her appointments during my second balloon and it’s really helped me develop (what I hope to be!) lasting changes. Her guidance around my diet has been so helpful, and she’s also given great tips around how to increase my movement without feeling like I need to be at the gym 24/7 - who has time for that! Natalie is so kind and knowledgeable, and I’ve really enjoyed our sessions. She’s an absolute asset to Allurion and I hope others have the opportunity to work with her going forward.


13 December 2022

Highly Highly Highly Highly Recommended! The words are not enough. I met Dr Natalie almost 6 months ago when I was placed with the weight loss balloon. From the first consultation meeting prior to placement, it was evident that Dr Natalie would become my nutrition consultant for life. She managed-with simple words that I could understand-to calm my nerves and explain every step of the way. Post placement, she was guiding me and monitoring me closely. She is extremely responsive to texts and helped me with all issues and concerns almost instantly. I also did various tests to be able to achieve an optimal health level. Her expertise and knowledge is incomparable. Most important is her tailormade advice and not one that fits all. Dr Natalie remembers every little detail and also listens to you. Together with the evidence gathered and me providing factual information, she managed to help me and to put it simply change my life!!! Additionally, she has recommended me to Kiki Iordanidou, a psychologist and another excellent professional that has made a huge change and impact on my life. Dr Natalie's excellent recommendations is another testament of her excellence. I would blindingly recommend Dr Natalie and I thank her for everything

Sara N

22 September 2022

I have had a few sessions with Natalie over the last 3 months and she has given great advice and encouragement. I have been able to stick with most of the recommendations/adjustments and have lost almost 10kgs. I've managed to stop most of my bad cravings and eating habits and I'm feeling the best I've felt in years. Thank you Natalie for your advice and support!

Amanda S

8 April 2022

That piece of Swiss chocolate tasted delicious! So too did that packet of crisps yesterday and that ‘small’ bowl of crinkle cut oven chips with mayo and ketchup to accompany my late night Netflix binge watch last week. A few omissions from my food diary….. Working with Natalie has transformed my quality of life for the better. I have found her to be a highly competent professional who has the ability to listen, connect with and educate her clients to take responsibility for their own lives. Natalie has taught me so much about how to manage my blood sugar, my mood swings, my menopause and even my sex life (or rather lack of it!). Blood tests have recently shown that I have the hormones of a 90-year-old when I am, in fact, just 60, on long-term mood stabilisers, which can cause weight gain and affect libido. Somehow, it felt ok to discuss such topics with Natalie without embarrassment, as well as Brussel sprouts! Now, I have lost weight, my clothes fit again, and I feel the benefits when cycling uphill. Taking recommended supplements in addition to being mindful of my eating has really improved my sleep at night ( a regular pattern of 8 hours), and my energy levels are more constant throughout the day. In the kitchen, Natalie has inspired me to add some new ingredients and try out new recipes for my family, which has proved popular. Instead of the cost of a holiday, I decided to book a package and invest in my own health last year. I am pleased to report that the benefits are ongoing and well worth the money spent. I can say, with confidence, that whatever your issues: physical, mental and emotional wellbeing- Dr Gillan can and will offer you practical solutions with empathy and expert care.


17 June 2021

I was on the verge of total burnout, emotional and physical, constantly exhausted despite thinking I was sleeping well and even after 5 strong coffees every morning I felt wiped out. I was also chronically over weight and felt if I did not address the issues with some urgency I would end up in hospital with a serious health condition. I was recommended to see Natalie by a great friend who said that Natalie had helped her enormously. I didn't have very high hopes, I was expecting a sort of Weight Watchers programme that would work initially but then I would revert to my original behaviours and issues. I instantly liked Natalie, from arriving in her office she 'got me'. The initial appointment felt a bit like therapy - I cried a lot. Natalie was able to explain, what I already knew, but put it into incredibly powerful analogies that explained my weight issues, lack of energy and actually how this would impact me in the future and was also impacting my children too. Natalie also prescribed supplements to support my health and Natalie gave me simple instructions to get me going. When I explained certain things would not work with my lifestyle she listened to me and instantly adapted. I have since lost 4 of the 5 stone I need to lose (in 6 months) - I have so much more energy - I am moving more, enjoying exercise for the FIRST TIME in my life. I also realise now that I was not sleeping well at all - I now really value sleep, the impact it has on my energy and ability to make the right food choices. I also really appreciate the benefits of sleep on my mental as well as physical healthy. In addition for the first time in my life I have not been sick during this weight loss phase. Normally I would starve myself, become run down, get a chronic cold or tonsillitis and give up the diet because I felt so unwell. This time around I feel stronger, more able to cope, and just more equipped to deal with any bumps in the road. I also really appreciate that Natalie stays in touch regularly, re-assesses my supplements depending on what is going on in my life, how much weight I have lost etc. I feel fully supported, monitored and when I feel wobbly I know I can speak to Natalie as this is my life now rather than a short term diet. I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough - and I am forever grateful to my friend who put me in touch with Natalie.

Hanna T

29 May 2021

This is my 5 months into the program update. I've always been that person who'd plan on starting the diet on Monday and still can't believe that after my initial consultation with Natalie I felt so motivated, I simply decided to start there and then - on 30th December! Yes, just before the New Year celebrations. The best part of it is that I never looked back since. I've managed to lose 3.5 stones already, I feel so much healthier and stronger - physically and emotionally. It's incredible what looking after yourself can do to your wellbeing. Natalie has been incredibly supportive throughout the program, adjusting my supplements, suggesting new recipes, explaining how to balance my diet and even allowing me a little treat on special occasions. We started easy and then introduced a few extra steps to boost the weight loss. I dreaded the idea of intermittent fasting at first, but to my absolute surprise, it turned out to be very easy to adjust to. And it comes from someone who's always loved to eat! I still doubt my will power and stick to my program religiously, but I did have a piece of cake on my partner’s birthday this week and laughed when my weight dropped the next day. I think it was a reward for not finishing that generous piece of cake on my plate – again the unthinkable for the old me who always finished every meal. Would I recommend the program? 500% yes. It’s the best investment in your health you’ll ever make.

Hanna T-K

4 January 2021

My initial session with Natalie Gillan was a real eye opener. Her knowledge and scientific expertise combined with an incredible approachability gave me a reason to believe that at 47 I can still change all my bad habits and become healthy. I struggle with weight management and anxiety. Unlike other specialists I’ve seen, Dr Gillan focused on finding root causes of my conditions rather than just exploring the symptoms. We agreed a personalised nutritional programme and discussed various lifestyle changes that will help me achieve my health goals. After just a week I'm already seeing a huge difference and I cannot wait to continue my journey to a healthier and happier me.


12 April 2023

Hi, I have been with Allurion for 4 months. Natalie is very talented, kind and positive person. She knows exactly when to give what advice as she keeps me motivated and thinking about my right choices. What sort of exercises are good for me. What type of diet plan I need to have. If I get off track she finds creative solutions to put me right back on it.

Natalie is extremely punctual with her appointments and sends regular reminders with regards to the meeting. She does go out of her way to keep a good check on her client.

I would highly recommend her for any future clients. Thank you.


15 May 2024

I had a very positive experience with the clinic, their support, and attention to detail on my weight loss journey. I lost in total 2.1 stone and feel more energetic and healthy. There is no return to old habits! My wife was on the same dietary journey and benefited from the advice of my nutritionist, achieving weight loss and better health. I think the 4-month weight loss journey was adequate for me. The balloon is a tool that requires effort on my part. I have experienced discomforts like acid reflux but overcame it with medication, and it was not an issue for me. I truly feel the balloon has retrained my brain to avoid the foods that cause weight gain and, subsequently, ill health. I believe that the balloon has enabled me to move away from choosing unhealthy foods. When I eat out, I now seek healthier food choices, which I would not have considered in the past. I see now how difficult it is to find healthy foods at restaurants. Generally, healthier foods are more challenging to find in this sea of processed, carbohydrate-heavy dishes on offer. I highly recommend the clinic and its life-changing programme.


27 April 2023

Highly recommend the programme and Natalie Gillan. I couldn't have the balloon, so I did the weight loss programme with Natalie's clinic. Amazed how much patience she has! Nobody ever listened to my whole story of unwellness and worked with it all. I've done the test, we found some issues and I was on a diet plan made for me. Ive now lost 1.5 stone after 3 months and keep losing. I feel healthier and not hiding behind my husband when photographed. I can climb stairs, knees are not hurting any more, no pain meds needed. I like the attention to all my issues, like recipes, like explanations. I now understand better how my body works. I was asked if it is difficult to be on the programme - not for me as I am not hungry as I eat normal food, not pouches. Reccomend to all!

Caroline O

18 December 2022

So I was pretty sceptical about what a nutritionist could do for me. I always have read health literature and knew what my diet should be. little did I know that sometimes it’s the outside voice that is needed. Natalie’s advice was sensible and allowed me to make some meaningful changes that make it easier for me to stick to my goals. I would highly recommend her services. She went over and above helping we when I was going away with work so needed advice on how to pack food for the 3 week period. I fully plan to check back with her in a couple months about how to move from weight loss to maintaining my desired weight.

Oliver S

4 October 2022

I had an Allurion balloon pill for 4 month as was desperate to lose weight after working from home during Covid lockdowns. I know that I would lose weight just with the balloon but with Dr Natalie's very methodical guidance, I gained confidence with the way the weight loss happened (up and down), I now understand how my body works and how I lose weight or not. I was losing slowly but in the end managed to shed about 2.5 st and still losing even after the balloon is gone. Without Natalie's nutrition advice and attention to my health issue, I wouldn't be able to lose that much and to continue losing. The appointments with Natalie were highly educational, she provided a huge support to me with planning my meals and nutrition. I wouldnt understand how my body works, what it needs to stay slim and how to look after myself in the future. I am so grateful that I had Dr Natalie as my nutritionist. Highly recommended!

Edward H E

4 June 2022

In recent years I had been concerned about various aspects of my health, some of which were of long-standing. I had also just recovered from an unpleasant digestive condition but was now experiencing different symptoms, these being equally unpleasant. Apart from this, I also had an anxiety problem, and for most of my life I suffered from poor thermoregulation and as a consequence being abnormally cold at night. I have always known that good nutrition is essential if one is to enjoy good physical and emotional health and decided to seek out a Nutritional Therapist who could advise on all manner of health issues but in particular those affecting the digestive system. From the day I first met Natalie I have been impressed not only by her obviously wide knowledge of health conditions but also her understanding of how these conditions developed in the first place and what can be done to address them with nutrition. There is no doubt that my health overall has improved since I first met Natalie and that it would be better still when I continue with the diet and lifestyle she recommends, together with exercising of course! Highly recommended!


8 August 2021

Natalie was highly recommended by my consultant in July 2020, who suspected that I was experiencing burn out and needed more guidance in my food intake and diet support. After working as an entrepreneur 15 hours a day, 6 days a week for a couple of years, I started to feel exhausted around 5pm every day. Quitting or slowing down was not an option. I experienced a few chemical pregnancy (very early miscarriage) as well, not feeling hopeful about having a baby any time soon, or ever, given my age approaching 40. One month into the program suggested by Dr Gillian I felt much more energetic, slept better, and exercised better. The feeling of exhaustion was gone. Two months into the program, I got pregnant again. And this time it continued all the way through, and I had a healthy baby in April this year. The only variable changed in my life around the time when the baby was conceived, was Dr Gillan's nutrition recommendation. My family and myself can't thank her enough.

Rebecca Whitford

2 June 2021

I've had type 1 diabetes for 25 years and have always struggled to control my blood sugars despite diabetic nurses and dietitians involved in my care. Unfortunately I now have diabetic complications including risk of blindness. With Natalie's expert help I've had the best blood sugars I've ever had in 25 years! This is amazing and will now help to prevent further deterioration. She is forensic in her research and I love that she treats the whole person not the symptoms. Superb care!!

Kerrie Durkin-Wallen

12 May 2021

I have been working with Natalie for a few months now, she is so passionate and knowledgable. I reached out to Natalie to help me with low energy and a suspected hormonal imbalance. The test results were fascinating and Natalies explanation was so thorough and clear. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone wanting to get to the root of a health issue. Thank you Natalie for everything, you are amazing!

Kimberly S

28 December 2020

I have had an excellent appointment with Natalie. I would highly recommend her for her ability to listen and problem solve with great ideas about my health improvements and to find a potential way forward to support me at this difficult time we all go through.

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